Take a look of this desktop: I run this elbuntu at low-end PC, intel pentium II, RAM 64 mb, hdd 6 gb. And this elbuntu works really perfect!
OK. Now this is a tutorial to install this enlightenment at ubuntu.

1. Go to the terminal and type:
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
2. Paste this command:
## Enlightenment e17 beta, use at your own risk
## E17 is in Beta and may break or break your system
deb http://edevelop.org/pkg-e/ubuntu feisty e17
deb http://e17.dunnewind.net/ubuntu feisty e17
deb-src http://edevelop.org/pkg-e/ubuntu feisty e17

3. Save and quit the gedit. than type: sudo apt-get update
4. Than, for installation, type: sudo apt-get install enlightenment
5. Type again: sudo apt-get install e17
6. Log out and pick your session to enlightenment.
7. And enjoy your session at enlightenment

N.B: Enlightenment still under development and still beta, so you have to backup your data before installing enlightenment.

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