I just wondering, that gnome sooner or later will launch Gnome 3. I think Gnome 3 will have a lot of changes even though I don’t know much information and seems to be gnome developers doesn’t want to talk much about this next generation of windows manager. Seen from the current gnome 2.20, I think it will take a pretty long time to reach Gnome 3.0. But I already have a blueprint of gnome 3(I made this idea based on the peoples ideas. I just found so many people ideas about gnome 3.
Now these are my prediction with gnome 3…..

1. Gnome 3 will support mobile OS, that’s possible, because I just saw a hacker hack the Sony Ericsson handphone (P990i) from Symbian to Ubuntu 7.04 that running gnome.
2. File management,
General: Automagical emblems for dirs guessed from contents. Search in selected files.
Spatial: Single clicking keeps parent, double click closes it. Middle mouse and shift are really annoying.

Full Spatiallity: All apps should be spatial. The file is what you see. No saving is necesary. There’s a long undo history saved along side each document.

Gnome Storage/Beagle: Problem with big removable media?
3. Better Space Utilization,
Apps utilizing entire window/screen to show documents. Toolbar/menus show/fade in when relevant action occurs (mouse movement, keybord presses etc…).

A  don’t need the location bar and various buttons while you are reading a page. Scrolling the mouse scrollwheel or hitting up/down keys doesn’t reveal the toolbar, but mouse movement would.

Full screen handling for all/relevant apps: Editors, word processors, image editors, web browser etc. can go into fill screen mode.
4. Circular Popup Menus

Popup menus are circular, and pops up centered beneath the cursor. The middle of the menu is just a close button. The circular layout minimizes the distance you need to traverse to get to your desired entry.

When passing into a sub menu, parent becomes translucent.

5. The whole new gnome menu, I just discovered that some people had made a brand new menus for gnome, and I think this menu will be a big hit if the menu will be in the gnome 3. It called USP, this concepts is just like KDE4 menu or opensuse menu. screenshots:

6. The new Nautilus, there should be a new menu at the nautilus and some more features in nautilus at gnome 3. The new concepts is in the Screenshots:

7. Multipaste, I found it at gnome look topaz. I think it will be cool if I can choose the item that I want to paste. Screenshot:

Well… I got so many new concepts from gnome-look.org, but I also got many concepts from other sites. If I told you all of my concepts and idea with Gnome 3, it will take a really long time to post! So,I think better to stop this post, if there’s anything new or any new concepts with gnome 3, I’ll update this post for more. Or perhaps you could give me some suggestions? It would be nice :D

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