Are you new in Linux world? it’s your first time using Linux? And you need to run some windows application like adobe photoshop, microsoft office, games, and other software from windows? I have some cool tricks for you to run windows application in Linux. And this is the tricks;

1. Use VMware or other virtualization for Linux to run windows xp/vista in Linux. VMware is a shareware software, but you can use VMware player for free or Innotek virtualbox.
2. Use WineHQ to run windows software in your Linux.
3. Use Crossover / cedega, this software is shareware, but it’s really powerful to run games and windows software.
OK, there’s some software to run windows software inside your Linux.
To download those software is really easy.
you can go to this link:
1. —> VMware website
2. —> Winehq website
3. —> Cedega transgaming website