Today, I found some information about a linux that just like a windows named Winutuxu (windows, ubuntu, linux). It’s actually a windows xp sp 2 but repacked or mocked up into just like Linux. There’s some application added by this OS just like OpenOffice, GIMP, Blender, Thunderbird. There’s no needed to put any serial number into those windows. Even those OS can access to microsoft update to update those OS. From those OS, I can see that the maker of this OS is from Arab, there’s some language mistranslated from arabic to english. For the website: Link .
Screen shots:

Well, if you can see, the installation is just like windows xp installation but the graphically it just like ubuntu installation. It seems this operating system probably is illegal, so I don’t want to try this OS. If you’re really curios with this OS you can download at:

I warn you that this is probably *illegal* software, and for that reason, I’m not going to try it out.
I’m ***NOT RECOMMEND*** to download this OS.

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