Isn’t that fun if our ubuntu have a stylish dock just like Apple Mac OS X dock? A cool dock that have a cool features more than Mac. Well, I have the answer for that. Cairo Dock is probably the answers, after playing around with google, I found that Cairo Dock seemed to be a good dock.

Cairo-dock is an animated application launch bar for the desktop comparable to Mac OS X’s Dock, or Rocket Dock (for those of you who come from Windows). It is compatible with Compiz-Fusion, Beryl, Compiz, and also Xcompmgr, but it can run without a composite manager (with fake transparency). Cairo-Dock can run under GNOME, KDE, and XFCE.

Cairo-Dock at the top of the screen

That’s the screenshot of Cairo Dock.

For the installation, you need to download the deb package and just double clicking it for the installation. There’s no need to use the command line :D . You should go to the website for more information and I will provide you the download links, just click the links and you will automaticaly forwarded to the download page, the current version is 1.5.6 and the beta version is 1.6.0 . I will give you the download link of the current version 1.5.6:
1. The Cairo Dock Plugins (DEB)
2. Cairo Dock sources (tar.bz2)
3. Cairo Dock (DEB)
You MUST install the cairo dock plugins and cairo dock (DEB), for the installer you also can use the sources code or just the installer(DEB).

And the unstable version 1.6.0:
1. Plugins (DEB)
2. Cairo Dock (DEB)

Launch it from Applications->System Tools->Cairo-Dock. The first time Cairo-Dock is run, it will open the Manage Themes dialog. Select a theme and click OK. The dock will then launch.

Right-click on the dock to access configuration, as well as add and remove launchers.

And this is the cool screenshot from cairo dock:

My last conclusion with this software is, Cairo dock need to improve the GUI for more to catch up with AWN. But, I think this dock is cool as well. Users will like this dock and it’s pretty light to use.

For critism, suggestion, or opinion, you must leave a comments. I really appreciate your comments.

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