One of the Ubuntu Edition named Ubuntu Ultimate has already released the new version: Ubuntu ultimate 1.8. Ubuntu Ultimate is the most complete version of Ubuntu, it has a ton of software inside those OS. But Ubuntu ultimate is not a part of the official Ubuntu Project, somebody made those varian by itself. Ubuntu Ultimate 1.8 is already based from Ubuntu Hardy Heron and the owner of this project made a new design for the skin and themes at those OS. It’s pretty cool, considering the people are getting bored with the human themes based from ubuntu.
And this is a quote from the maker of Ubuntu Ultimate:
” Ultimate Edition 1.8 is built based off Ubuntu Hardy Heron, unlike previous biulds which were created by a tool called reconstructor I built this one by hand. it is by far my best work. I am releasing both a 32 bit & a 64 Bit edition. Hotrod is a fitting name for it, if you have a 64 bit processor I highly recommend the 64 bit edition. I can not stress how important that it is to torrent this release. We do have mirrors in route to try and take the load off, please, please torrent after you get it.

This release was built from scratch using Ubuntu Hardy Heron LTS with all the goodies pre-added, you have came to love with previous editions & a few new ones.

I would like to take the time to point out that the usplash is fully carried through after installation (the dragon). I have added a new sound scheme. I highly suggest you take the time to register on our forum there is a wealth of information to be obtained there. I suppose I should also point out I have made an online F.A.Q. more elaborate then can be found through the websites. Updating pages takes way too much of my time writing in html / css after all I am 1 MAHN.

Just download it already, you won’t be sorry. The Screenshots speak for it all ;)


TheeMahn ”
Here are some screenshots:
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