Cheese is an Open Source GNOME application, this application allows you to use your webcam to take a photos and it also allows you to record a videos. Cheese has an interface that really similar like a photobooth at Mac OS X. This software is also has a similar features and effects like photobooth. This software is based from on GStreamer framework.

Cheese Requirements:

  • GNOME 2.22
  • GStreamer 0.10
  • postr for Flickr export (optional)
  • f-spot for F-Spot export (optional)
  • a webcam
  • For more details visit the FAQ page

Some screenshots:(click to make it larger)

I took this screenshots randomly from google images :P . It might be your pictures in there. It’s OK right?


The installation method is easy and the package is available in the ubuntu repositories.

Terminal Command:
sudo apt-get install cheese

After the installation, you can access cheese in Applications -> Graphics -> Cheese

In my opinion is this software is pretty cool, but it’s really similar just like Mac OS default PhotoBooth. But it’s OK, I like the interface. Overall Cheese is an extremely useful application for the user who had a webcam, I think this software should be bundled by default with the GNOME desktop environment , but cheese should fix some problem, because I noticed some comments are complained about the video recording problem. If you also have a same problem, you can report those bug at . That’s all of my opinion and Cheese review.

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