Mac OS X are the most impressive Operating System with the most impressive graphical interface and stability. And right now, even you can install Mac OS X inside your PC. But some people who cannot install the OSX X86 inside their computer wants to make their Operating System looks like OSX. And majority of their OS are also Windows xp/vista. XP and Vista has their own transformation pack, but it’s not really like Mac OS X, only some themes added, with additional software and dock. And that’s it! But at Linux, specially Ubuntu with the gnome as the default windows manager, your Ubuntu can be mocked up and it will be as cool as Mac OS X. I will give you some tutorial to change your Ubuntu look into OSX. You should tweak and customize your desktop to make it more like Mac. It’s really easy, and you’re just need to follow the step:

For me to extract the file to $HOME/Mac directory(already created but you can change the directory by your self) command would be : -
Code: tar -xvzf LeopardX-V2.6.tar.gz $HOME/Mac

Otherwise, you can just extract it into your directory by right click it and extract those package.

2. Downloading Mac4Lin GTK Theme

Now similarly download Mac4Lin GTK theme from the following website and extract it to the folder created above ($HOME/Mac)

Download :

and to extract it to $HOME/Mac director(already created)
Code: tar -xvzf Mac4Lin_GTK_Aqua_v0.3.tar.gz $HOME/Mac

3. Download Cursor Theme Package

We need to download the cursor set for our new theme , you can download the cursor set from t he following website : After downloading the cursor set extract cursors to the directory created in the first step.

4. Combining the Downloaded Files into a Single Theme Package
Now after completing the above steps go to the directory( cd $HOME/Mac for me ) in the Terminal and issue the following command to combine the three theme files into a single .tar.gz archive .

Code: tar cvfz MyTheme.tar.gz LeopardX Mac4Lin_GTK_Aqua_v0.3 Shere_Khan_X/

5. Installing Theme Package
Now to install the theme package we have created in the above step , go to (System -> Preferences -> Appearance) and click Install and point to our newly created MyTheme.tar.gz archive.

This should start installing the theme package (Cursors/Icons/Theme) once installation is completed . Chose Custom in theme and click on Customize .You will find a window like this:

Customize Dialog Box

In this window in Icons chose LeopardX , in Controls Mac4Lin_GTK_Aqua_v0.3 , in Window Border Mac4Lin_GTK_Aqua_v0.3 and in Pointers White Cursor .

If you have followed the steps properly the theme and icons should have been installed , and you should be able to see the new theme applied to your default desktop .

6. Changing the Log In Screen / GDM Theme

To change the Log In Screen/GDM Theme download the package from website listed below : http://
After downloading the package , open (System -> Administration -> Log in Window ) and there go to Local and click on Add and point to the downloaded theme package (osx-login.tar.gz) . Now you would find OSX-Login theme listed in the window , select OSX-Login and close the window . Logout and Login again you should find the new theme installed .

Log-in Window allows easy changing of the Login Screen Theme

7. Enabling Compiz-Fusion

IMPORTANT : – Enabling Compiz-Fusion is essential if you want to use Screenlets , Avant Window Manager Properly .

Unlike previous releases of Ubuntu where one had to manually download and install compiz,beryl etc (Compiz Fusion is composite window manager that provides best features of Compiz and Beryl) from Repositories if one wanted to have glitzy visual effects .

Ubuntu 7.10 comes with Compiz Fusion pre-installed and on supported hardware offers a wide array of Visual Effect . Now depending on graphic hardware of computer one could chose from three level of Visual Effect (From System -> Preferences -> Appearance )

None : – This mode causes Ubuntu to use Metacity instead of Compiz Fusion , with no visual effect

Basic : – Has only simple visual effects like shadows , fading windows-menus etc

Advanced : – Recommended for PC with descent graphic hardware , enables effects like wobbly windows, transparency , animated workspace switching etc

Visual Effect Dialog Box

However , compiz-fusion is capable of much more and you can enable more desktop effects /customize compiz by typing the following command in the terminal window : -

Code : sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Otherwise, if you are inside ubuntu now, just simply click this Link and it will automatically installed.

After completing above step , you can customize compiz by going to System _. Prefrences _> Advanced Desktop Effects Settings.
Code: sudo apt-get install emerald
Otherwise, if you’re inside ubuntu right now, just click this: Link
After installation is over , open Terminal from (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal ) and issue the following command to install emerald which is necessary for using themes in compiz .
Download MacOS X Emerald theme from this link :

Now open (System -> Preferences -> Emerald Theme Manager )

After Emerald theme manager opens click on import and point to the downloaded theme package from withing the Theme Manager , you will find Mac4Lin Theme listed select the theme , click on refresh and quit the application .

8. Install Avant Windows Navigator or Cairo Dock.

I already provide you the tutorial inside this blog also, AWN for ubuntu gutsy, and I promises to give the hardy repositories and cairo dock can be use for both gutsy and hardy.

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