Poseidon Linux based on open source software and aimed at the Brazilian/International scientific community was designed as a friendly and complete desktop. And this Operating System is also based on ubuntu, ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux Distros. This Operating system also inspired from Quantian Linux.

Poseidon Linux 3.0 offers several specific tools for scientific research like in the areas of GIS, 3D Visualization, Mathematics, Statistics and several otherfields of research. It also has all the software expected in a modern desktop such as an office suite – with spell checker, web browsers, e-mail readers, instant messaging, and more software. I also gonna use this for my school project.

Download the Poseidon 3.0

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MD5sum for Poseidon Linux 3.0:


If you don’t know what this means… please look here

Poseidon screenshots:

Well, That’s all of today OS review. It’s 23.00 P.M now… Pretty late huh? Better go to sleep now.. Good Night.

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