Yes, I know this is a Linux Blog. But what’s wrong if I also gives some review to Micro$oft Windows? Somehow, I think we also should give this OS some chance :P .

Windows 7 is predicted will be the successor of Windows Vista(this OS will replace the dying vista, in my opinion they’re made a big mistakes by released windows vista). So, Microsoft gonna release windows 7 in middle of 2009 to 2010(only 2-3 years after vista released). Well, the first thing that on my mind is seems to be microsoft doesn’t want to defer the time for more with those new operating system. Windows se7en already predicted will be release in Jan 2010. And right now I also find some interesting screenshots about this OS, take a look at those screenshots:

Many people thought that this screenshots are just like Mac OS X, or Linux, but I personally thought that this OS will be different from the other OS I think it’s also really similiar. Just for note that this pictures are some concepts of Windows 7. And the CodeName can be changed anytime just like windows vista.

You can try windows 7 on october 2008, there will available a beta version to try. And here are screenshots of windows 7 renewed application like calculator, control panel, and paint:
New control panel look
New look with the calculator
Customize your own task
The ribbon concept for internet explorer??

Well, that’s my reviews and comments from me, (some Linux users are Windows users also after all :-D ) . I’ll really appreciate some comments, critism and sugestion also.


Here are more screenshots(the latest windows 7 pre-beta release).

New Windows 7 Taskbar and Start  MenuWindows 7 Screenshots
As you can see, a renewed taskbar

Quick Preview

Windows 7 ScreenshotsWindows 7 Screenshots
And the download links for windows 7 beta will be added soon, windows 7 beta 1 will be release in december 2008. Let’s hope that this OS will be much better than vista :) . But, still in my opinion, Ubuntu is still the best Operating System that I’ve ever use!! Have no regret to said that. I’ll keep update this post.

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