Hello, this time I will give some reviews of Linux Software. People who use windows must know how to download the videos from youtube. But in linux, some newbies cannot download the videos from YouTube, because there’s some request from a friends, I will post this method to download the videos from youtube. There’s a software that I use to download the YouTube Videos and it works really well and it’s pretty easy to use also. The software name is Clive.

Clive is Command-line and fullscreen console program that extracts videos from YouTube, Google Video and other video sites. It supports embedded video extraction, and can be used with an external encoder (e.g. ffmpeg) to re-encode the extracted videos to different video formats (e.g. avi, mpeg, flv).


  • Multi-platform; POSIX (BSD/Linux/UNIX-like)
  • Supports:

- Youtube
- GoogleVideo
- Dailymotion
- Guba
- Metacafe
- Sevenload
- Myvideo

  • Bandwidth throttle
  • Multi-URL (batch) support
  • Compatible with UNIX pipes
  • Configuration file support
  • Integration with X clipboard (xclip)
  • Chain with a 3rd party player software for playing
  • Chain with ffmpeg for subsequent re-encoding
  • Proxy support; option and http_proxy environment setting

Clive have a lot of features, and I can’t explain it, I just made it simple. And this is the command to install Clive:

sudo aptitude install clive

For Cheat Sheet Click HERE .

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