gOS recently has released gOS 3.0 gadget beta. It seemed to be a couple of month ago, I also just make a gOS 2.0 review, and right now gOS already released gOS 3 gadget BETA. And it much cooler than gOS 2.0 rocket. I’m going to give some special review for gOS 3 GADGET BETA. With some interesting screenshot that I got from some websites.

gOS 3 Gadgets BETA enables you instantly to launches the google gadgets for Linux on stratup and you can add more than 100.000 possible iGoogle + Gadgets for your desktop.

And the other cool thing is you can enable mozzilla prism inside gOS. For more information and reviews for mozilla prism, just click : http://allforlinux.blogspot.com/2008/08/installing-and-using-mozilla-prism-at.html —– Google Documents, Calendar, and Mail launch in Mozilla Prism windows to closer resemble desktop applications.

WINE 1.0 is also already installed inside this operating system, wine is a project that can enables linux users(newbie) to install some windows software inside Linux OS like photoshop, dreamweaver, internet explorer, and other windows software.

Because I’m still downloading, I just gonna use other screenshots from other website. And after that, probably I’m gonna change the screenshots.

Here is a screenshot of gOS 3 gadget beta,


Well, it look really nice with google gadgets + dock + compiz fusion. And if you can see, there’s some features that can enable to install google gadgets instantly from the menu.

After see some demo from youtube… I like the dock, it fresh and looks green…. Really eyecatching dock and I like it..


It seemed to be gOS 3 only available at gnome and based from ubuntu 8.04.1 . I’m still waiting for the enlightenment version.

Unlike other distributions which have icon for only Local Applications in Panel , gOS provides , icon link to Online Web 2.0 Applications like Google Documents , YouTube ,Google Mail etc and local applications like Skype , Open Office Applications , Firefox and Pidgin.

Some people said that gOS 3 beta still buggy and needs more improvements.. Specially with the Adobe AIR and Mono version of Microsoft Silverlight and Shut Down (google gadgets oftenly get error if closed/shutted down).

For me? I’m extremely recomment gOS for your other Operating System. It extremely user friendly. I’m really a gOS fanatics. Hope gOS team will make more improvements with gOS 3 gadget. And you can download this gOS beta at this download link . Send me some feedback if you’re already installed this OS.

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