Mozilla Prism is a software from Mozilla labs that allows you to integrate the web applications into the native desktop. So it means those web applications(facebook, myspace, and others) will be acting just like a native software. Cool isn’t it? And right now, I’m going to give you some tutorials to install Prism inside Ubuntu 8.04. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

The installation is pretty easy, you can use the apt-get to perform the installation.

Available Prism Packages in Ubuntu 8.04


Installation at terminal:

sudo aptitude install prism-google-talk prism-google-mail prism-google-docs prism-facebook prism-google-analytics

You also needs to install the flash plugin if you didn’t installed it yet.

sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree

Or, you can use the firefox addons to perform the installation.

After the installation:

After the installation, you can find Ubuntu prism at applications –> Internet –> Prism.

And you also can input some web address like, facebook, friendster, gmail, etc. And here are more screenshots:

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  • jpa (2222 days)

    Cool apps! Can you say, what theme are you using?

  • Tips Blogging (2222 days)

    Wah tambah keren aja ne blog….Kabar kurang baek ne, lagi cedera punggung saat latihan volly.

  • Tips PDA (2222 days)

    Mampir malam2…..

  • jonathanhotono (2222 days)

    @jpa: I'm using the intrepid ibex color(I don't really know this is the real one or not), it named williibex if I correct. I forgot the name of the emerald themes. you can found it at gnome-look ;) .

    @Tips Blogging & Tips PDA: I'm sorry for your injuries during the vollyball training, and please use the contact-me section to give me some testimonials. Thanks.

  • agas (2221 days)

    Pertama kali aku masuk sini..woow cunla awak punya Blog. blm tengok isi lagi dan jatuh hati, jeans BG ni kalu nak buat wallpaper desktop boleh tak..camne.