Hello again!! My waiting has come to the end…. Finally, I just bought a new computer to replace the old one(not really old, still p4 :P ). I’m quite happy with this computer and this computer allowed me to do so many things with Linux… The first distros that I just installed inside this new computer is gOS Linux. I like the UI of gOS, just like I said before, gOS will be my next major OS after ubuntu and xp. So, I’ll make it quad boot between XP, gOS, OSX X86, and Ubuntu.

Here is the spec of my new computer, not bad but not good either ;) ;

Intel core2quad QX6600, 2,4 ghz
hdd 250 gb
2 Gb of RAM
Nvidia geforce 8600 512 mb
and the other things that must be inside the usual computer ;) .
I’m still experimenting with this things. And this is my gOS Screenshot:http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs31/i/2008/230/d/b/gOS_Jonathan_by_jonathanhotono.jpg
Oh, and here is also my Ubuntu 8.04 screenshot:

I just finally installed ubuntu, gOS, and XP. The other things that I still confused is my OSX X86

I’m using jAS OS X 10.4.7 . Probably, I need to use kalyway 10.5.2 :( . If anybody know how-to install OSX inside this PC, please contact me :D .

Oh, and here are another announcements, I will renew the TuxWorld layout, just to make it more fresh. I will install this new templates as soon as possible. Hope people will like this layout.


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