Phatch is software that have a great concept to manipulate the images. I fully 100% recommend the ubuntu users to use this software. And the best things is this software is free! This software available for windows, osx, and linux. At Ubuntu you can install this program via apt or add/remove programs. The installation is easy and the software is also really ease to use. And for windows/osx users go to this site to download and install phatch.

And here are the full features of phatch:

  • Auto Contrast – Maximize image contrast
  • Background – Put colour under transparent image
  • Border – Crop or add border to all sides
  • Brightness – Adjust brightness from black to white
  • Canvas – Crop the image or enlarge canvas without resizing the image
  • Colorize – Colorize grayscale image
  • Common – Copies the most common pixel value
  • Contrast – Adjust from grey to black & white
  • Convert Mode – Convert the color mode of an image (grayscale, RGB, RGBA or CMYK)
  • Copy – Copy image file
  • Effect – Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Smooth, …
  • Equalize – Equalize the image histogram
  • Fit – Downsize and crop image with fixed ratio
  • Grayscale – Fade all colours to gray
  • Invert – Invert the colors of the image (negative)
  • Maximum – Copies the maximum pixel value
  • Mask – Apply a transparency mask
  • Median – Copies the median pixel value
  • Minimum – Copies the minimum pixel value
  • Offset – Offset by distance and wrap around
  • Posterize – Reduce the number of bits of colour channel
  • Perspective – Shear 2d or 3d
  • Rank – Copies the rank’th pixel value
  • Reflect – Drops a reflection
  • Rename – Rename image file
  • Rotate – Rotate with random angle
  • Round – Round or crossed corners with variable radius and corners
  • Saturation – Adjust saturation from grayscale to high
  • Save – Save an image with variable compression in different types
  • Scale – Scale an image with different resample filters.
  • Shadow – Drop a blurred shadow under a photo with variable position, blur and color
  • Solarize – Invert all pixel values above threshold
  • Text – Write text at a given position
  • Transpose – Flip or rotate an image by 90 degrees
  • Watermark – Apply a watermark image with variable placement (offset, scaling, tiling) and opacity

As an example, choose the Scale action and press the Add button. This adds the selected action to the main window. You can then use the available options to tweak the action. For the Scale action, for example, you can choose to scale down the photo by a specified percentage value or to a predefined size measured in pixels. If you wish to change the image resolution or resampling algorithm, you can do so by adjusting the appropriate options. Once you are satisfied with the settings, you can add other desired actions. Finally, you have to add the mandatory Save action; without it, Phatch wouldn’t know where to save the processed photos. Besides options such as output format and quality, the Save action also offers a set of variables that you can use to specify a destination for the processed photos. For example, the default folder_phatch/subfolder variable tells Phatch to save the processed images in a separate folder inside the source directory. The root/phatch/year/month/day variable creates a directory structure based on the current date.

You can rearrange the actions in the list using drag and drop — except for the Save action, which must always be the last action on the list.

To process photos using the created action list, press the Execute button, choose the directory containing the photos you want to process, and press the Batch button. Once Phatch finishes, you should see the processed photos in the destination directory.

While using the Execute command every time you want to run photos through Phatch is not that difficult, the application offers another feature that makes the batch process even more straightforward. Choose View -> Droplet, and Phatch turns into a floating icon. Drag photos onto it, and Phatch processes them using the currently opened action list.

Well, that’s all of my opinion and review about phatch. I recommend all ubuntu users to use this. It’s really easy and damn cool! I like it and I’m using it for photo editing.

Please give some comments and suggestions for this review. Thanks!

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