Hello, before that I’m sorry because I’m pretty busy this week so I taking a short break from blogging . And right now, I’m gonna give you some interesting software tutorial . Sunbird is the Mozilla Calendar application and a sibling of the Firefox webbrowser. The goal is to produce a cross platform stand-alone Calendar application using the XUL user interface language along with the Gecko rendering engine.

You can test-drive Sunbird in two ways: either with the standalone Sunbird application (available in official binaries for Windows, x86 Linux, and Mac OS X), or with the Lightning extension for Thunderbird (which comes as an XPI cross-platform install). The two applications are developed concurrently; the current releases of both are numbered 0.5. Lightning 0.5 will install into Thunderbird version 1.5 or later. To install Lightning, download the installer using Save as … in your Web browser, then open it from within Thunderbird’s Tools -> Add-ons menu.

Ok, without any more introduction and details, I will give you the tutorial to install Sunbird Calendar. I’ll provide 4 ways to install the Sunbird Calendar(For Ubuntu):

1. Install from TuxSoftware LSI(Linux Software Installer):Tuxsoftware already added this software into their repositories and this is one of the most easy way to install Sunbird Calendar. You need to download the installer(if this software not installed at you computer) And Download Sunbird Calendar at HERE (via LSI).

2. Install Sunbird from Terminal:
Just simply type those words at terminal(ubuntu & debian installation):

sudo aptitude install sunbird
sudo aptitude download sunbird

3. Install Sunbird by using apt-url: This is the easiest way for the Linux-Amateur, just simply click the link that I give to you and it will install Sunbird automatically(Only works for ubuntu and other ubuntu variant(gOS, kubuntu, and others): Install Sunbird

4. Installation at other linux(Source Code): Just simply click this link to download other linux installation

Ok, that’s all of the installation method. And here is some screenshots of Sunbird Calendar:


Ok, that’s all of the Sunbird installation tutorial and reviews. Try it! In my opinion, users need to use this software, specially for a business person, this software might can help you to schedule all tasks and appointment. It’s really helpful. That’s all.

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