Hello, right now, I will give you some tutorial and code that probably will be really usable for you. I will give you the complete Desktop Environment installation set for ubuntu. Well, my first desktop enviroment lists are:

1. Kubuntu/KDE: For kubuntu installation, you can type:
sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

And for KDE 4.1 installation, please go to this page

2. E17; E17 is one of my favorite desktop manager, for installation:

Open terminal, and type: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and then, add this following code:

# dunnewind e17 repository for Ubuntu Hardy
deb http://e17.dunnewind.net/ubuntu hardy e17

You can replace those word of”hardy” with gutsy or either feisty if you have a different type of version.

After those code added, you need to type this also at the terminal:

wget http://lut1n.ifrance.com/repo_key.asc
-O- | sudo apt-key add -

After that, close the source.list from the terminal, and type this following code again at the terminal: sudo aptitude install e17

You might need to install the media player that based from E17 that named eclair, type this from the terminal after e17 installation: sudo aptitude install eclair

And that settled in the e17

3. Xfce – Type : sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop

4. Fluxbox – Type: sudo aptitude install fluxbox

5. Enlightenment – Type: sudo aptitude install enlightenment

6. Blackbox – Type: sudo aptitude install blackbox

7. Openbox – Type: sudo aptitude install openbox

8. Afterstep – Type: sudo aptitude install afterstep

9. FVWM – Type: sudo aptitude install fvwm

10. WindowMaker – sudo aptitude install wmaker

Ok, now that’s all of my top 10 windows manager inside ubuntu. Number 2 – 10 are the most lightest Desktop enviroment that I choose for you. but still my default desktop enviroment is gnome :=) . And here are the screenshots of those windows manager(those screenshots are from number 1 to 10).



Well, if you do have more windows manager that I didn’t listed in this posts, you can make a comments and inform me with that, I would really appreaciate that.

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