Today, I’m going to introduce gambas for programmer, specially a VB programmer. Gambas, is one free software development enviroment based from basic interpreter and works just like visual basic in windows! With gambas, we can design GUI or a program by using QT or GTK+, SQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, ODBC, and SQLLite database also to translate any 3D OpenGL application and web application CGI. Well, it surely has a ton of features.

Here is the latest gambas installation manual(v. 2.5):

1. Add a new repositories: Open System > Administration> Software Sources > Third-Party Software. Click the “add” button to add a new repositories and paste this following code:

deb hardy main

2. And than type: sudo apt-get install gambas or for the easy way, just click this link to install gambas.
Well, after the installation, you probably wants to see the screenshots first, here are some screenshots:

It almost all of the programming languange available in here. And it really look almost the same like VB in windows.

Reference: Melayubuntu , Gambas

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