Today, I’m going to give you a tutorial or a how-to install and use a different wallpaper on each work spaces. Many people thinks and dreaming about this features and not anymore for today, I’m gonna reveal all the hidden things with this simple method and tutorial. So, read this tutorial carefully and make sure you didn’t miss any method or tutorial.

Ok, firstly you must make sure that you have those three conditions:
1. You have to use Ubuntu 8.04 or 7.10
2. You have to install and have CCSM. Check under System ->Preferences if Advanced Desktop Effect Setting is there.
3. For more better result I recommend Avant Windows Navigator and cairo dock. You can install it easily by clicking those link that I gave you.

After you completed those conditions, this is the tutorial and the how-to install the different wallpaper on each workspaces:

1. Go to System -> Preferences -> Advanced Desktop Settings
2. Select Desktop Cube ->Appearance -> Background images
3. Click New under background images and add all the images you want as background.
4. Press Alt+F2 and type this code: gconf-editor and then simply hit enter
5. Go under apps -> nautilus -> preference and deselect the “Show Desktop”

Some screenshots (I’m using a screenshots from other site, I will use mine as soon as possible):

Well.. As simple as that, you already get the different wallpapers on each workspaces.

N.B: You will see that you cannot right-click on the desktop and your desktop shortcut will gone, but don’t worry because you still can access all of your original desktop in Places -> Desktop directory. And if you still insists for the shortcut, the cairo dock or avant windows navigator will replace the shortcut with more cool way ;) . You must sacrifice your shortcut if you want to use this different wallpaper on each workspaces but I already gave you some other method to replace it right? I will post the method screenshots as soon as possible.


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