After using Ubuntu since a long time ago, there’s something that always bugging me. Every time I played a games with compiz fusion running, there must be a conflict like the screen goes black, distorted, or even crash! Well, right now, I have a easy method to do to solve this conflict.

Because the games is always conflict with compiz, we need to turn off compiz every time we turn the games on, and you can play the games with more comfort ;) . And after you played the games, the compiz will automatically start. Here is the tutorial and the how-to:

1. Open text edit at Applications -> Accessories -> Text Editor

2. Type:

metacity –replace &
game_name(subtitute this code with your games code e.g: pingus)
compiz –replace
Metacity –replace will disable the compiz and change it into a ordinary ubuntu themes. And the game_name like in the terminal, it will gives the directions to open the games that you wants to open. Compiz –replace is the code to start the compiz after the game is closed.

3. Save those file in “.sh” format. And change the permission to executeable (chmod +x yourfiles) by using the terminal or just simply right click -> properties -> permission and then just simply save those files at your favorite folders.

4. Try to run the script from the terminal, here is an example: ./

After one games run smoothly, you can be creative to change the other games name. Well, that’s solved our problem right? The next X.Org probably will have this problem fixed. If you have any problem, feel free to fill the comment form.

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