Are you boring with the image viewer that currently a default image viewer in Ubuntu? I think I’m pretty bored with those image viewer. But, I finally found some resolution for this thing. I just made a little experiment with the image viewer in Ubuntu and I compared with with GPicView. And with a little calculation, I finally made my decision to change my picture manager into GPicView:
GPicView has more simple GUI than ImageViewer, and it also has a lot of features to runs, you can see the comparative image:

The speed? No doubt, GPicView is way more faster than ImageViewer. After some calculation, the time differences between GPicView and Imageviewer is 0.7 . And GPicView is the winner.
GPicView use a small memory usage. I hope people will like this software.

The installation: GPicView or simply type sudo apt-get install gpicview .

That’s all.

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