After browsing for a while, and I got a really useful information for Linux users, Mac users, and specially Ubuntu Users!! Today, 28 october 2008, giving us a linux/mac users a special promotion to get and download crossover just for free for today. CrossOver is a shareware that allowed mac/linux users to run windows software inside their no-windows operating system. It’s a pretty cool things for a Linux rookies for sure.

This is some quotes: On Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008, any one visiting the CodeWeavers’ Web site ( will be given a deal code that will entitle them to one free copy of CodeWeavers’ award-winning CrossOver software. Each copy comes complete with support.

Now, I will give the download links(Just works for today):

Download CrossOver Mac Pro

Download CrossOver Games Mac

Download CrossOver Linux Pro

Download CrossOver Games Linux

Quick download it while it still fresh!! It’s only for today!(28 oct 2008).

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