I found some pretty interesting videos about the new microsoft technology named microsoft surface. And I think people is overrated about this new technology. But, I will give a little review about this thing although this is a linux blog :) . Hope nobody complain about this :P .

Ok, firstly I just want you to see this videos about the Microsoft Surface, it’s pretty interesting.

One word that I can said. WOW. I can’t describe it with other word , it’s only WOW. Seemed Microsoft has done a new revolutionary technology that can make tech life so simple. This smart desk can automatically recognize our digital media and I think that’s a pretty revolutionary breakthrough of touch screen technology. But, the touchscreen technology seemed already adopted by Apple Computer. Let’s we see the other videos about the Macbook touch that scheduled will be release in 2009.

Even, Microsoft Surfaces enabled you to order a bottle of wine and food, you also can customized the wine that you wants to order like the density, the body, the depth and other. After the wine is come, just simply put it into the virtual coaster, and after that the Microsoft Surface will identified your wine and will give you more information about those wine. After you finished the food and wine, you can pay it by just put your credit card into the microsoft surface and you also can give a tip to the waiter if you wants with it.

It’s a good technology for the future. You can touch a digital content with your hand and it’s a great advancement for user to feel the whole new digital content. It’s not available to buy right now, it’s only a parody for today, but I think it will available shortly in about late 2008 to 2010 after win7. The prices?? The machine costs between 5000$ to 10.000$ !!

Now, what would Apple do to challenge this new Microsoft plan or products? What would apple do to trump Microsoft’s Surface computing initiative? Try to see this article as well, it’s pretty interesting and it reveal a lot of facts behind the Microsoft’s .

Well, after seen much things about this “new” technology, what do you think about it? Share your comments here!

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