gOS Cloud has been announced to public and their purpose is replace netbook OS with a new browser that simple and with more faster booting that users ever experienced. gOS Cloud offer a fast booting system environment for netbook in an netbook expo in Paris.

Good OS has been trying to position their operating system as a good fit for netbooks for ages. Or for what passes for ages in a market that’s barely over a year old. While gOS can run pretty much any application that runs on Ubuntu, the operating system’s claim to fame is its integration with web-based services like Gmail, Google Docs, and YouTube. In other words, applications that are hosted online in the “cloud” and which don’t run natively on your computer.

gOS Cloud concepts do makes a lot of sense. Because right now, netbooks tend to be underpowered compared with more traditional laptop and desktop computers. And it do need a good enough application or Operating Systems to run well in Netbooks. Good OS certainly offers people a nice web application. And it also makes people more comfy it this application.

The other nice thing about Cloud Computing is, you don’t need to install and run the software locally in your system, but you can run and access it from any kind of system because its a web based app.

Cloud’s features can be organized into several simple features: Browser, Icon Dock, Application Tabs, and Switch to Windows. And here are the Cloud’s features:

Web Browser

Standard web browser for full compatibility with web pages, Flash, and more. Additionally, Cloud’s browser integrates with the operating system to automatically connect to Internet via Ethernet, Wi-fi or 3G, and fully operate the computer hardware, such as powering off, adjusting volume, and other system functions from inside the web browser. Power on, Cloud appears as a web browser.

Icon Dock Inside
Icon Dock with all your favorite apps sits inside the web browser, not outside. Launches web or rich client applications in new Application Tabs. Optionally auto-hides.
Application Tabs
Open multiple web pages, web applications, and even rich client applications, such as Skype, using Application Tabs and Cloud’s own application framework. Point and click or press ALT+TAB to switch between tabs.

Switch to Windows
Cloud can be installed with Windows or another operating system, such as Linux. Users may first power on to Cloud for Internet use, and then switch into Windows for full desktop use. With a single click or hotkey, the user can switch to Windows.

Note: Additional Cloud features that are too technical or detailed have not been mentioned in this Feature overview page. In general scenarios, users can expect a computer preinstalled with Cloud to provide them with a full browser plus special applications for an improved PC experience with Windows.

Well, the question is will gOS be the next OS replacement for Netbook OS? I don’t think so. You can see gOS competitors has offer more features than gOS Cloud. Like eeebuntu , Everex Cloudbook, and more! And don’t forget the darling competitor of Linux, Microsoft. Microsoft will be announce Windows 7 as a replacement of Windows Vista, Windows 7 claimed has a capabilities to run in NetBooks.  But, I think this OS has a nice and good capabilities to compete with other OS. Let’s watch and see.

Let’s we see a Could Presentation from gOS Team.

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