If you are a Mac OS X user, you might be know Growl. Growl is a famous software for mac, Growl lets Mac OS X applications unintrusively tell you when things happen. And recently, Mark Shuttleworth has announced a “clone” of Growl that predicted will be bundled with Ubuntu 9.04(Jaunty Jackalope).

I’m quite interested with their concept and just my feeling that the next Ubuntu 9.04 will be a much better OS, both in performance and look or skin.

I do agree with their concept about this system notification,

  1. We want to make notifications truly ephemeral.
  2. They are there, and then they are gone, and that’s life. If you are at your desktop when a notification comes by, you will sense it, and if you want you can LOOK at it, and it will be beautiful and clear and easy to parse. If you want to ignore it, you can safely do that and it will always go away without you having to dismiss it. If you miss it, that’s OK. Notifications are only for things which you can safely ignore or miss out on. If you went out for coffee and a notification flew by, you are no worse off. They don’t pile up like email, there is no journal of the ones you missed, you can’t scroll back and see them again, and therefor you are under no obligation to do so – they can’t become work while you are already busy with something else. They are gone like a mystery girl on the bus you didn’t get on, and they enrich your life in exactly the same way!
  3. We think there should be persistent panel indicators for things which you really need to know about, even if you missed the notification because you urgently wanted that coffee. So we are making a list of those things, and plan to implement them.
  • Everything else should be dealt with by having a window call for attention, while staying in the background, unless it’s critical in which case that window could come to the foreground.
  • I hope this new Ubuntu concept will bring Ubuntu into an unique and different Distros.

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