If you follow the IT ads development in a recent year, you must be know an ads called “Get a Mac” from Apple Computer and some Microsoft Ads performed by Bill Gates and Seinfeld (I must be honest to tell that both of their performance is pretty sucks, I can’t really got the points ). But there’s one of the biggest Operating System on earth still not started their campaign – Linux…

Even Linux Foundation will be glad to start a campaign like that, but that marketing strategy is not their type(or either fit with their budget). And the most important part is Linux is not a commercial Operating System, but a product that founded from a collaboration from a lot of people. But, seemed Linux Foundation have another marketing plan to do. They will sponsoring a competition that create a Linux Video’s. The video’s must showing a Linux meaning and also encourage people to try Linux as well.

The winner will get a free ticket to Tokyo, Japan, the winner will participate on Japan Linux Symposium even that held on October 2009. And the winner will be announce in 8 April 2009 in Collaboration Summit San Fransisco.

There are a few competition rules:

  • Only for +18 Years old man/woman
  • The winner will get a free ticket, hotel, and free regisration at Linux Foundation Japan Symposium
  • The maksimum video duration is no more than 60 seconds.
  • Illegal and offensive video content is prohibited
  • This competition open from 26 January 2009 and end up in midnight 15 march 2009

Well, what are you waiting for? Start to prepare your best video and apply to Linux Foundation in 26 January, there’s still a plenty of time!!

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