Right now, Gnome Do 0.8 is already reached the stable version. It offers a lot of features and you must install this software on your desktop. There’s more than 20 plug ins and features added inside this version of Gnome-Do like Docky that will increase your productivity and reduce your time.

GNOME Do allows you to quickly search for many items present on your desktop or the web, and perform useful actions on those items.


What is Docky?

Docky is a frontend for GNOME Do (Do) that introduces an entirely new way to interact with Do. Docky helps Do become more directly involved with your desktop by providing a persistent mouse based Dock interface while remaining true to Do’s keyboard only interaction. Being tied directly into Do allows Docky to be adaptive and dynamic. As your usage patterns change, so too does Docky. For everything Do can do, Docky can too.

Docky Features:

  • Drag and Drop items onto the Dock (files, folders, and applications from the menu)
  • Drag and Drop remove items from the dock
  • Drag and Drop items into folders on the dock, as well as the trash can.
  • Drag and Drop reordering of items on the dock
  • Image previews of items which support it
  • True parabolic zoom (can be disabled)
  • Click animations
  • Intuitive resizing by dragging on the dock separator
  • Adding and removing “Statistical Items” (items which Do considers relevant to you) from the dock by dragging the left and right edges
  • Window indicators (supports advanced window indicators)
  • Advanced window management features via the Window Manager plugin for GNOME Do
  • The ability to make Docky Automatically Hide when not being hovered. Often referred to as autohide.
  • A full frontend to GNOME Do
  • Add items to docky from GNOME Do searches


Go to this page for the installation instructions.

How Docky Works?

Docky is a full frontend to GNOME Do with a simplified interface. There is nothing you can do in Do that you can’t do in Docky. Just hit <super>+space and you are ready to go! If you have used Do before, Docky’s interface should seem quite familiar. If this is your first time, Docky is one of the most approachable interfaces Do has to offer. I you don’t like the icon on your dock, just simply drag the icon to the desktop.

How to add Icon inside Docky?

To add an item to the dock:

  • Summon Do
  • Type your query
  • Click the add button show in the screenshot

And your Gnome-Do application icon is ready to go! :)

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