I know this is a Linux blog, but since I already made the Mac OS section, I must add some posts inside this section as well :) .  I do like both Mac and Linux. And right now, I will share to you all my experience with Mac OS X Leopard X86 IDENEB.

Before I’m using IDENEB, I do use Kalyway 10.5.2. But in Kalyway 10.5.2, some of my drivers are not working properly like my attansic LAN card(until now I can’t solve this driver problem). And finally, I decided to install Mac OS X 10.5.5 IDENEB inside my PC just to make it better. After more than 2 days experimenting, I finally managed to install Mac OS X IDENEB X86. The installation is barely successful, there’s a problem with the sound driver. Well… This driver problem is surely worser than the previous Mac OS X Kalyway installation. But, the good thing is I managed to download the sound driver from my insanelymac :P

Alright, in Mac OS X IDENEB(installed under asus P5K-SE motherboard), everything works fine indeed. And I will share the sound card driver if you are the owner of ASUS P5K motherboard. This sound driver might help you all to solve the sound card driver problem. And here is the driver link . I will add the screenshot later. Enjoy!

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