On the middle of Internet Explorer domination in browser war, Firefox keep rushed forward! And now, in the matter of hours or even minutes, this browser will achieve downloads! This new achievement is related for numbers of mozilla browsers downloads that user has done.

Yes, and now mozilla is waiting for their browser officially downloaded for one billion times. A special twitter feed already prepared by them just to give information to people the download hits on every seconds!

According to one Firefox fans site named Firefox DownloadGuesstimator, Mozilla will break that numbers today(31 July 2009).  And according to PCWorld, this counting that done by Mozilla is counted for all Firefox Version (1.0 – 3.5). If someone downloaded firefox into each different computers, it still counted as a multiple downloads. So, I think the numbers of one billion is not really a representation of the numbers of Firefox Users.

And this breaking history achievement will be a very important moment for mozilla to prove their power, even they are still categorized as a “new kid” in this browser war. And tomorrow Monday, they are scheduled to release their new site named onebillionplusyou.com. This site will provide more information detail regarding to this achievement.

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