Alright guys, its time to upgrade your Firefox into the latest one(3.5), now I’m gonna provide some simple steps to install Firefox 3.5:

1. Don’t forget to backup your previous version of Firefox first by typing:

cp -r ~/.mozilla/firefox/ ~/firefox_backup

2. Put this following command inside your terminal:

wget -O – | tar xj -C ~

3.To open Firefox, go to your home folder -> open Firefox Folder -> Double Click the Firefox file. You also can open Firefox 3.5 by this command ~/firefox/firefox

4. To add Firefox application into the main menu, go to System -> Preferences -> Main Menu

5. In “Command Field” room, add you firefox directory, for example: /home/username/firefox/firefox

6. In the “Name Field” room , type Firefox 3.5

And now, you’re all set to go! Comments and inputs are greatly appreciated.

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