Alright, VLC Media Player 1.0.0 already released! After less than 3 days, the 1.0.0 release of VLC has hit more than 3 million downloads on the download counter. And now, I’m gonna give you a simple tutorial to build VLC 1.0.0-git in Ubuntu, here are the steps to build VLC 1.0.0-git:

What you need to do is only copying and pasting those following commands into your terminal!

1. Download all files you need!

sudo apt-get build-dep vlc && sudo apt-get install libtool build-essential

automake1.10 git-core

2. Download all the source from VLC Server:

git clone git://

3. Installation:

cd vlc && ./bootstrap

mkdir build && cd build && ../configure –disable-nls –enable-qt4


And you’re set to go! If you facing any troubles, don’t hesitate to ask by filling the comment form.

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