Just by seeing the title, you already know what I meant. With this method, I assure you that you can put your  video screen as favorites and get your desktop animated or put your favorite screen saver. Well, here are the installation tutorial, its really simple and what you have to do is follow the step that I’ve given. Here we go!

1. Download the files!

Ubuntu (Animated Desktop v13.1-gnome-part1)
Ubuntu (Animated Desktop v13.1-gnome-part2)
Ubuntu (Animated Desktop v13.1-gnome-part3)
Ubuntu (Animated Desktop v13.1-gnome-part4)
Ubuntu (Animated Desktop v13.1-gnome-part5)
Ubuntu (Animated Desktop v13.1-gnome-part6)

2. Install Zenity & Mplayer by typing:

sudo apt-get install zenity mplayer

3. Decompress or extract a-desk with your favorite decompressor

4. Install XWinWRap:

Enter into tar.gz a-desk and execute xwinwrapcvs.deb (2 clicks or execute by terminal by dpkg -i xwinwrapcvs.deb

5. Execute a-desk installer(simply double click on the “a-desk-installer”


Here is a video tutorial that could help you to install it in case you’ve faced a problem.

More information: Gnome-Look

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