Hi! Today is Linux birthday. It’s 18º birthday. And I wanted to post it here. Exactly 18 years ago, a man called Linus Torvalds was sending a humble message to the internet announcing a project that had taken him months of work in his spare time. This was his message:

Hello to all those using Minix.

I am creating an operating system (free) (for pure hobby, will not be as big or professional like gnu) for AT clones 386 (486). I’ve been working on it since April and is already beginning to be ready. I’d like to get feedback on what people like / dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat (same physical layout of the file system (for practical reasons) among other things).

So far I’ve ported bash (1.08) and gcc (1.40), and two utilities seem to work. This means I’ll have something functional in a few months and want to know what features would be most people. Any suggestion is welcome, but I can not promise to put them all in practice :-)

Linus Benedict Torvalds

PD. Yes – it’s free minix code, and has a file system thread-safe. It is NOT portable (uses 386 task switching etc.), And probably never work on something else other than AT hard disks, because it’s all I have :-(

As you can see, his “small” project, is something we like, something free, good and relayable. So spread the word!

source: http://www.androidtux.co.cc/

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