KDE 4.3 with codename: Caizen already released to use for public. This new version of KDE bringing many improvements and innovations to the user experience and development platform. The KDE community has fixed over 10,000 bugs and implemented almost 2,000 feature requests in the last 6 months. Close to 63,000 changes were checked in by a little under 700 contributors. Read on for an overview of the changes in the KDE 4.3 Desktop Workspace, Application Suites and the KDE 4.3 Development Platform.

Well, congrats for the new release of KDE 4.3, I will write the review of it after I installed it on my PC. For more information about KDE 4.3, go to this following page.

Screenshots(Click the picture to enlarge it):

KDE 4.3 Video tour:

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