gloobus-coverflow1I think I already posted this entry before regarding to the Quicklook ala mac for Linux. There are 2 difference now from this review from the previous one. The first one is because I am now using Karmic and the second one is because I already tried it by myself.

Gloobus is a preview software that lets you view files so quickly without having to open them in their normal software. It’s based on apple’s “quicklook” and it has 2 main options. The coverflow effect for a folder and the preview window for the files.

Gloobus Preview version 0.4.1 already released that some of the new function is a support for Karmic Koala. To install Gloobus 0.4.1, you need to insert this following PPA into your software sources:

deb karmic main
deb-src karmic main

Or download it here:

The first main impression of Gloobus is it’s really suitable for Linux users because it allowed Linux users to preview their files, videos (like avi, wmv), musics like (mp3, wma, mp4), or even office files.


In the result, I believe gloobus can make users more productive and make users task easier because of this quick-look features. I personally hoping that Gloobus will be bundled for the next version of Ubuntu(10.04). Screenshot:


I hope this post could enlighten the reader for more about Gloobus :)

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