sandwichWell2.. Another crazy news for the readers. I just got an information that Microsoft just patented SUDO(Super User Do) with patent number 7,617,530. And the worst part is, Microsoft first reference is claimed that SUDO’s origin is in the year 1997. But the fact is, Sudo was founded on around year 1980′s by Bob Coggeshall and Cliff Spencer and was developed at the State University of New York in Buffalo.

More further information about SUDO (history):

Sudo was first conceived and implemented by Bob Coggeshall and Cliff Spencer around 1980 at the Department of Computer Science at SUNY/Buffalo. It ran on a VAX-11/750 running 4.1BSD. An updated version, credited to Phil Betchel, Cliff Spencer, Gretchen Phillips, John LoVerso and Don Gworek, was posted to the net.sources Usenet newsgroup in December of 1985.

In the Summer of 1986, Garth Snyder released an enhanced version of sudo. For the next 5 years, sudo was fed and watered by a handful of folks at CU-Boulder, including Bob Coggeshall, Bob Manchek, and Trent Hein.

In 1991, Dave Hieb and Jeff Nieusma wrote a new version of sudo with an enhanced sudoers format under contract to a consulting firm called “The Root Group”. This version was later released under the GNU public license.

In 1994, after maintaining sudo informally within CU-Boulder for some time, Todd Miller made a public release of “CU sudo” (version 1.3) with bug fixes and support for more operating systems. The “CU” was added to differentiate it from the “official” version from “The Root Group”.

In 1995, a new parser for the sudoers file was contributed by Chris Jepeway. The new parser was a proper grammar (unlike the old one) and could work with both sudo and visudo (previously they had slightly different parsers).

In 1996, Todd, who had been maintaining sudo for several years in his spare time, moved distribution of sudo from a CU-Boulder ftp site to his domain,

In 1999, the “CU” prefix was dropped from the name since there has been no formal release of sudo from “The Root Group” since 1991 (the original authors now work elsewhere). As of version 1.6, Sudo no longer contains any of the original “Root Group” code and is available under an ISC-style license.

In 2001, the sudo web site, ftp site and mailing lists were moved from to the domain ( was already taken).

In 2005, Todd rewrote the sudoers parser to better support the features that had been added in the past ten years. This new parser removes some limitations of the previous one, removes ordering constraints and adds support for including multiple sudoers files.

sudo, in its current form, is maintained by:
Todd Miller

Todd continues to enhance sudo and fix bugs.

Basically SUDO is a command that allowed non-admin users/users who doesn’t have privileges to do the thing that require privileges(E.G: Installing software),  just by typing the password, you have gain the access as a super user who can do anything you like with your system.

Well, in the latest Microsoft Operating System there are also some kind of protection manager that protect the Operating System called UAC or you call it User Account Control, it does working like sudo, when you’re going to install a program/doing something with your OS, you’ll be asked to continue or you need to input a password if your computer is fully protected by your administrator. That’s probably the stupid reason why Microsoft claimed Sudo as a part of their tons of patents.

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