Today, I’d like to take a look on a newcomer of Linux Distroes family, this distro called “Element”. Element is a free and yet powerful multimedia operating system. As you can see, the developer of this distro have managed to combine both Ubuntu as a powerful Linux distro with the other multimedia software elements. As I can see, the developers have managed to show the users that “Linux” is not as boring as they’ve seen before. Things inside Element OS looked really cozy and it makes users to feel more comfortable with it. I personally enjoyed watching videos with XBMC media center on my full HDMI LCD TV.

Experience with Element:

I’ve managed to install it on my PC with the following specs: Intel Core2Quad Q6600, VGA NVidia Geforce 9600Gt 1Gb, and 2 Gb of RAM (connected to my LCD TV full with HDMI 42″). The first impression, things are running running smoothly, after I’ve managed to solve the graphics problem with my Nvidia card(just simply by downloading the driver from the official site (.sh package). The HDTV managed to display a full resolution of ElementOS. The only thing that doesn’t work is my wireless remote for multimedia PC, but oh well.. That’s not a big deal for me.

The desktop is light, but yet powerful and beautiful. Element is based on a beautiful XFCE4 as the default desktop environment,  I reckon that it’ll be perfect for most MPC since most of them already fulfilled the recommended hardware requirements.

Processor Speed: 1.6 GHZ+
RAM/Memory: 1024 MB+
Free HDD Space: 20+ GB
Video: Means to connect
your PC to a HDTV
(HDMI, S-Video, etc)

I also tried to watch “Sherlock Holmes” blue-ray movie from the computer by using the built-in VLC Media Player in Element, the result is a blast for me since the codec have managed to run the video really well. It is a reality that Element is a superior OS in case you want a full support for most multimedia titles.

After running Element for a few days, it is the time for me to rate for the Element Distro, indisputably I would like to give a 4.5 stars out of 5.  They have managed to develop an interactive operating system that could combine most of multimedia elements, even my younger brother think that I’m using a renewed mac frontrow! The 0.5 star is only for the games support, but it can be covered by installing playonlinux inside it ;) . Since Element is a new player in Linux Distro world, I personally think they’ve managed jump a step further than most of their competitors. I believe that this distro could surprise us for more in the future.

To Download Element, you can go to:

Try it to believe it :)

Element Screenshots:

See it to believe it :)

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