Ubuntu 10.04 has been released on 29 april 2010, although the ISO is available in 30 April 2010(In my country). I’ve just downloaded the ISO of Ubuntu 10.04, and this is my personal review about it.

Jonathan Ubuntu

After a long waiting download time(est. 1 hour), finally I’ve managed to downloaded the Ubuntu 10.04 ISO from US server. The first installation process is running smoothly, I’m using daemon tools to install Ubuntu 10.04 inside my windows from my ISO since I’m out of blank CD’s stock. The installation process is quick and easy just like the previous version (9.10).

The new eye-catching & light  boot-screen also have been applied by the Ubuntu artwork team.

Frankly, I like the previous boot-screen version ;) , but this one is alright for me since I also looking forward for changes in Ubuntu 10.04. The boot process is fast, no more than 15 secs to load all of the Operating System.

2 brand new themes.

Finally, we can say good bye to Human themes, Ubuntu-team has change the default themes into Ambience.

Ubuntu Software centre is finally renewed as well..

Quick status update to social networking sites like facebook & twitter.

quick facebook status update

Well, it is a good thing to add more built-in features since the GIMP is already removed from the system ;) .

Graphics Driver installation:

For NVidia users, please do read this release notes:

Incompatibility with nVidia upstream driver installer

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS includes improved integration for nVidia binary driver packages. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of compatibility with the installer provided upstream on the nVidia website. Users who wish to use the nVidia binary video drivers with 10.04 LTS should install them using the Ubuntu packages, as made available under System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers.

Yes, I’ve also encountered with this problem, but it can be resolved by installing the 185 version of Nvidia driver. I supposed to use the 195 version, but since there’s a compatibility problem, I would recommend to use the available package in the ubuntu software-centre.

Overall, “almost” all of my Acer 4740g problems with the previous version are solved. No more system-error messages, and the wireless button is also working quite well. The Bluetooth is also well detected in Ubuntu 10.04, including the webcam & notebook hotkeys as well. The Mozilla Firefox seemed a bit running slower that it used to be. But it can be covered up by installing Google Chrome or Opera. The only problem that encountered is the microphone and I’m still trying to figure it out.

More reviews & tutorials coming soon.

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