After releasing the latest version of firefox 3.6.6 with crash protection feature, Mozilla Foundation now has released their beta preview of Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta 1. Public are freely to test this open source browser, and post their feedback for this browser. This beta  browser is not recommended for personal use, only for testing purposes. You can try to obtain it by clicking these links:

Mac OSX 32 bits 64 bits

For Linux users, you have to compile the provided tarballs file, or instead you can wait for the PPA which will be released soon.

tar -xvf file.tar.gz

ls (find the firefox directory)

cd (go to the firefox directory)



sudo make install

Firefox 4.0 introduces a brand new look and brand new user interface, it is simple and yet fully customizable with their new integrated addons. Firefox 4.0 have fully support CSS3 & HTML5 as well.

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