This is a simple tutorial to show you how to read your e-mail by using the Linux terminal in Ubuntu distribution.
It may sounds like a geek, but it is indeed easy to be applied inside your Ubuntu. Alpine 2.0 client mail is the right answer to do this. It is kinda interesting to know that this e-mail client is quite different with the other e-mail client. It only need Command Line Interface(CLI) instead of Graphical User Interface(GUI). You even can access the e-mail without accessing your XWindow by using alpine.

Installation code:

sudo apt-get install alpine

After the installation, you can access alpine by typing “alpine” (without double code) inside your terminal.

Furthermore, here is the configuration of gmail client:

Lets say your e-mail is:

Personal name=Jonathan



Inbox path={}INBOX

Update(Saving your gmail password)

Maybe it’s kinda annoying when you have to enter your password every-time you need to get into your e-mail directly, so this is the easy way to set your password:

Open up your terminal, change directories to your home directory, cd ~/, and then type in touch .pine-passfile.  After that, run Alpine.  It will ask you for your password on start-up, and on sending an email, only to save your password indefinitely so that you no longer have to type in your password all the time.


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