Yet another Linux Based OS has been released quite a while ago, called JoliCloud. It’s a distro and also a uniquely combined HTML5 browser if you have Google Chrome to test it. This Distro offers flexibility for both windows and Linux users, and also a unique user interface to explore which will bring you a whole new experience in cloud computing.

The other good thing, it is based on Ubuntu! Which allow new users to freely install their application from the software centre in seconds! Ubuntu surely has adapted a new unique way to install their app like Apple do with their iOS and OSX Lion. As I can see on the first sight, this OS looked pretty much like iOS which contains a grid of applications, and you also can add more pages to add more app inside it. It is quite interesting thou..

When you entered JoliCloud OS, you will require to register/login your ID since it is a cloud based OS, most of your work will be uploaded into the internet, but you also can save it inside your PC ;) . You can view your files and folder on the third tab on the top of the screen.

I found out that this Distro is quite user friendly & simple(like it used to be in Ubuntu unity), and the other best thing is you also can still work offline with it(typing documents, games, viewing pics, watching videos) which is also one the the major drawback in Chrome OS.

The other good news is, you also can install the preview of JoliCloud inside your Google Chrome. It will act similarly like Chrome OS.
To install it, simply you have to install Google Chrome version 8 inside your computer(windows, Mac, Linux, etc), and go to this site, then click on “try it online” button. As simple as that, you can try the online version(which is not as powerful as the full version).

At the end, I found out that this distro is quite interesting, yet innovative with the new fresh idea. It gives people vision and chances to know more about cloud computing principles. And yet, I believe the best is just yet to come on the next upcoming version of JoliCloud, which could provide innovative and creative ideas for more.

More Screenshots:
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