Yes! As I had expected on a previous couple posts ago, Gnome 3 schedule is still on-time and will be released in 6 april 2011. So, just get ready to feel a whole new experience in Gnome environment. Here are the full quotations from the Gnome Website.

For GNOME 3, the GNOME Project has started from scratch and created a completely new, modern desktop designed for today’s users and technologies. Here are some of the things that you can expect from the new GNOME:

Simply beautiful

GNOME’s new desktop takes elegance to a new level. We’ve swept away the clutter and made a simple and easy-to-use desktop, and we’ve made this the most beautiful GNOME desktop ever, with a new visual theme, a refined new font and carefully crafted animations–all while preserving compatibilty.

An overview at a glance

The activities view provides an easy way to access all your windows and applications. It is also a great way to keep track of all your activities. We have provided several fast and convenient ways to access the activities view, including the activities keyboard key (often known as the Windows key) and the activities hot corner.

Messaging built-in

Communication is an important part of the modern desktop, but it’s a hassle when you have to switch windows to reply to a message. That’s why GNOME 3 will let you continue your conversations without changing focus. The ability to enter a reply straight into messaging notifications makes instant messaging quick and effortless.

Distraction-free computing

GNOME 3 is designed to reduce distraction and interruption and to put you in control. Our new notifications system subtly presents messages and will save them until you are ready for them, and the GNOME 3 panel has been styled so that it is part of the background, not the foreground. These changes allow you to focus on your creative tasks.

Everything at your fingertips

With the new GNOME desktop, everything can be quickly accessed from the keyboard. Press the activities key and search: it’s as simple as that. You’ll love this feature if you’re a user who likes things to happen fast.

Redesigned system settings

Our system settings have been completely redesigned for GNOME 3, making them easier to use than ever before. There are some great new features in our system settings too, such as the ability to use Flickr images as desktop backgrounds.

And much, much more

GNOME 3 is crammed full of new features. Here are some of the other things that you can look forward to from GNOME 3:

  • Window tiling to make using several windows simple and easy
  • An improved file manager
  • Dark application themes for when you want to focus on pictures and videos
  • Redesigned workspaces so you can easily organise your windows
  • Major changes under the hood to give you a faster, smoother experience
  • A satisfying experience, whatever kind of computer you use: GNOME 3 will feel right at home on netbooks as well as larger machines

Some useful FAQ’s:

How do I get GNOME 3?

GNOME 3 is scheduled for release in April 2011 and will be available via popular distributions after that time. Further details of how you can get GNOME 3 will posted on this site once it is available. If you can’t wait that long, our Try It page contains details on how to try a development version.

Will my computer be able to run GNOME 3?

Computers purchased in the last 4 or 5 years should be more than capable of running GNOME 3. The GNOME 3 desktop does require hardware accelerated graphics in order to provide a cutting-edge experience however, and the complete GNOME 3 experience will only be available on computers capable of this. Do not worry though: GNOME 3 will come complete with a fallback interface which will provide an excellent experience in the absence of hardware acceleration, and which incorporates many of the improvements that can be found in GNOME 3. Furthermore, the GNOME project and its partners are working hard to ensure that the complete GNOME 3 experience is available to as many people as possible, and aim to ensure that users who are initially unable to have this experience will be able to in the future.

Will I be able to use my favourite GNOME apps in GNOME 3?

Yes! Existing GNOME applications will work just fine in GNOME 3. GNOME 3 does provide facilities to make applications even better though, so look out for new and improved GNOME 3 versions of those trusty apps you’ve learnt to love.

What will happen to the old version of GNOME?

The GNOME 2 desktop had a long life, and parts of it became difficult to maintain over that period. As a result, continued releases of the entire GNOME 2 desktop was never a practical option for the GNOME Project, and several parts of the old GNOME 2 desktop will not receive new releases after GNOME 3 is released. The traditional GNOME 2 desktop will not disappear overnight, however: releases of GNOME 2 will continue to be supported by distributions for years to come.

Why is the GNOME 3 desktop designed the way it is?

A huge amount of work has gone into the design of GNOME 3, and each of the design decisions behind it has a carefully considered rationale. If you have a specific question about one of these design decisions, try reading our answers to common GNOME 3 design questions. Alternatively, more extensive details about the design of the GNOME 3 desktop can be found on the GNOME 3 desktop design wiki page.

What are GNOME’s plans after GNOME 3 is released?

We are going to have a huge party to celebrate the release, and then we’re going to get back to work improving our desktop, so that GNOME 3 will get better and better with subsequent releases. We have lots of plans for new features which will make GNOME even easier and more satisfying to use, such as document search and an exciting new desktop extensions framework.

How can I get involved or help with GNOME 3?

Spreading the word about GNOME 3 is a great way to help out. A positive tweet, dent, status update or post is always appreciated. You can also join our Facebook group or become a friend of GNOME. Additionally, you can help out with one of the many varied tasks involved in producing GNOME. Just check out our contribution page for more details.

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