Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates due to my uni life & work.
For now, I’m giving you guys some useful codes to use in Terminal in case you need to set it up verbosely.

1) iwlist scan — Showing all available wireless connection within the area(easy encryption)

2) lshw -C network — Showing all available card interfaces

3) lspci -nn — Showing the PCI Vendor & Code as a number and name for the hardware that connected to the PCI Bus

4) lsusb — Showing connected USB

5) lshw -C usb — Additional details for your available USB(including USB dongle)

6) route -n — Showing IP Routing Table, to troubleshoot gateway

7) sudo route add default gw — An example to set the gateway to

8 ) sudo route del default gw — And example to delete gateway default setting

9) sudo modprobe ***** — Load kernel module  **** . (E.g – sudo modprobe ndiswrapper, sudo modprobe r818x, sudo modprobe ath_pci)

10) sudo modprobe -r **** — Unload kernel module  ****. (e.g – sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper)

11) ifconfig — Showing IP Addresses for your device

12) sudo ifup/ifdown — Change to interface up/down

13) sudo ifconfig up/down — Change interface to up/down for specific interface

14) sudo dhclient — Ask for IP Address from the DNS server for specific interface

15) sudo dhclient -r — Releasing IP Address from specific interface

16) sudo iptables -L — Showing firewall rules

17) sudo iptables -F — Shutdown firewall rules

18 ) dmesg | more — Showing log boot : Including problem troubleshooting for unloaded module/driver

19) uname -r — Showing Kernel Version

20) /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules — Logical file name (eth0, wlan0, etc) for MAC addresses

21) cat /etc/resolv.conf —Showing list of DNS servers that has connection network connections (Network Manager)

22) /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf — File to set or change DNS (domain name servers)

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