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A Very Nice Ubuntu-Win7 Like Mockup


Just a quick update since I found something good to post. I found a really nice Ubuntu mockup, listed on Topaz Brainstorm, which mean that this is only a concept :)

Take a look at the picture, and try to interpret it by yourself :)

Click to enlarge :)

Blackberry BlackPad is finally known as PlayBook


Yeah, finally after waiting.. One of my favorite tablet gadget has been released by RIM. As you know, it is not a BlackPad anymore like people has rumored before then ;) . Call it PlayBook… Wonder why they named it like that.. Perhaps it’s as easy as a child toy ==” . I think I’m gonna buy this soon enough when it reach Australia :)

Here is the video preview of BlackBerry PlayBook:

Nice Mozilla phone concept


Here is a nice new phone concept from mozilla, name mozilla seabird.. Hope it can be done soon :D

Nice concept thou., late updates but still hot in Linux World!


hey guys, just a quick update since I’m currently quite a bit busy with my university life. But still I can promise to keep updating on this busy site.. So here are some news that perhaps are still hot to be read :) . Enjoy the updates.


Some Hilarious Linux Jokes


Hey guys, just a quick update.. Here are some quite a hilarious linux jokes that I found over the internet. If you have more jokes, just post it over here. :D

The HOST dispatcher shell by Arimbun


A slightly harder—if not more interesting—program that simulates resource allocation on a computer system. HOST stands for Hypothetical Operating System Testbed, a multiprogramming system that manages resources in a four-level priority dispatcher. Taken straight off the Operating Systems Internal and Design Principles textbook by William Stallings, this is my second assignment in the COMP3520 Operating Systems Internals course taught at Sydney University.


Easy Linux File Synchronisation Over a Network


rsync is a very good utility for synchronising files over a network. It works based on the delta-transfer algorithm—only data in the source that do not exist on the destination are copied over. This method saves plenty of time and bandwidth compared to the standard cp command.

Example: rsync $SRC $DST

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