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Solving E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code(1)


Some Ubuntu users may had experienced this problem. And it’s can’t be fixed by simply typing sudo dpkg –configure -a . I got a way to resolve it, but users must be remember that I am not responsible for any trouble caused by this solution. I tried, and it works on my PC.

How to resolve it?



Join Facebook Community Page!


I’ve created an AllForLinux Facebook community page, you can join the community page, and discuss things about Linux, and of course you can also discuss our posts, because we also can’t dispute that some of our posts can’t be maintained by our own. If you have some problems or report about Linux bugs or defectiveness, please do post/discuss it in this community page. If you would, please also like the page. Thanks!

Download the Latest Linux Journal Magazine here!


Only a quick update since the request of the newest Linux Journal has flooded my comment approval zone.

To download the latest Linux Journal, please refer to this link:


Cracking PDF password in Ubuntu


It does look eye-catching right? Cracking PDF password in Ubuntu. I posted this because sometimes I got pissed off when I need to open important PDF files and forgot the magic words. Here I will show you how to crack it and remove that password for good.This is the simple way to crack it:


Read your e-mail via terminal


This is a simple tutorial to show you how to read your e-mail by using the Linux terminal in Ubuntu distribution.
It may sounds like a geek, but it is indeed easy to be applied inside your Ubuntu. Alpine 2.0 client mail is the right answer to do this. It is kinda interesting to know that this e-mail client is quite different with the other e-mail client. It only need Command Line Interface(CLI) instead of Graphical User Interface(GUI). You even can access the e-mail without accessing your XWindow by using alpine.

Installation code:


Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 is finally released


After releasing the latest version of firefox 3.6.6 with crash protection feature, Mozilla Foundation now has released their beta preview of Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta 1. Public are freely to test this open source browser, and post their feedback for this browser. This beta  browser is not recommended for personal use, only for testing purposes. You can try to obtain it by clicking these links:


Ubuntu 10.04 First Impression


Ubuntu 10.04 has been released on 29 april 2010, although the ISO is available in 30 April 2010(In my country). I’ve just downloaded the ISO of Ubuntu 10.04, and this is my personal review about it.

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