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Ubuntu 12.04 Code Name Released!


Yes, it is a tradition in canonical to release it in alphabetical order. I’ve expected that it will be Pxx Penguin or something. But it turns out to be Precise Pangolin. This is the announcements that was made by Mark Shuttleworth(Owner of Canonical):

Being generally of a cheerful nature, I thought we’d avoid the Predatory Panther and Primeval Possum. Neither sounds like great company for a seven year journey, really. Same goes for the Peccable Peccary, Pawky Python and Perfidious Puku. So many bullets to dodge round here!

[...] We’ve told the story of the cloud in previous releases, and that comes to fruition in 12.04 with the first LTS that supports both the cloud guest, and cloud infrastructure, across ARM and x86 architectures. We’ve also told the story of Unity in previous releases, and that comes to fruition in a fast, lean interface that works well across clients both thick and thin. 12.04 is going to be a lot more than all that, but for the full reveal, you’ll need to wait till UDS! Nevertheless, we can take reliability, precision, and polish as a given.

Balancing all of those options, I think we have just the right mix in our designated mascot for 12.04 LTS. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you thePrecise Pangolin.

For those who doesn’t know a pangolin, pangolin is also can be called scaly anteater or Trenggiling, many of them can be found in my country, Indonesia.



Steve Jobs, 1955-2011


It is very sad for me to know that our beloved and visionary friend which has changed the world with many of his inventions has passed out yesterday. He touched the daily lives of countless millions of people through the Macintosh computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad. He died on Wednesday at age 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.


Apple has lost a creative and visionary genius! Good Bye Steve Jobs!


Download Mozilla Firefox 6


Mozilla has released their newest browser, Firefox 6.0.

It seems to be really quick since Firefox 5.0 is released only a couple of days ago, but Firefox 6 is finally on the way out – and this is the final official release of Firefox 6. To be frankly, I’m not as overjoyed as the previous firefox 4.0 release. But here you go..



Ubuntu Netbook Edition Bid Farewell


Canonical has announced that Ubuntu Netbook Edition will not be released / produced anymore.

Here are the full statement from Canonical:


Are you ready for Gnome 3?


Yes! As I had expected on a previous couple posts ago, Gnome 3 schedule is still on-time and will be released in 6 april 2011. So, just get ready to feel a whole new experience in Gnome environment. Here are the full quotations from the Gnome Website.



JoliCloud Review


Yet another Linux Based OS has been released quite a while ago, called JoliCloud. It’s a distro and also a uniquely combined HTML5 browser if you have Google Chrome to test it. This Distro offers flexibility for both windows and Linux users, and also a unique user interface to explore which will bring you a whole new experience in cloud computing.


Oil Rush – A Highly Anticipated Game Will be Released Soon for Linux!


Get ready guys, one of the most anticipated game in 2011 will be released for Linux as well in March 2011.

OilRush is a real-time strategy game based on group control. It offers mechanics of a classical RTS combined with a Tower Wars genre: control the upgrade of production platforms as well as their defense forces, and send battle groups of naval and air units to capture enemy platforms and oil rigs.

The game can be played with your friends over LAN or Internet.

Oh well, I will install this game, for sure!

More screenshots .

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