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Gnome 3.0(ThreePointZero) scheduled to be released in April 2011


Yeah, yet another great news(perhaps old one). If you could see the Gnome Release Schedule, there is an eye catching schedule to be released after Gnome 2.91 ;)

I thought most people are currently waiting for the new breakthrough from Gnome, which is Gnome 3.0. I’m personally pretty excited when I saw that Gnome 3.0 is listed and scheduled to be released on April 2011. I hope some of my expectations for Gnome 3.0 in year 2008 can be implemented into this upcoming new generation of Windows Manager.

Here is the screenshot of 3.0 release schedule:

3.0 release schedule(click the picture to enlarge)

And here is the first milestone release screenshot of gnome 3:

More information about Gnome 3.0 can be viewed on this website.


Linux Web Hosting In-Depth


Linux is one of the most popular platforms in cheap web hosting. It is a complete open source hosting package, designed to be efficient and cost effective. This makes it the prime choice for web creators and many clients worldwide. Promoting stability of the server and reliability of websites, Linux is also chosen by experts, because of its server strength and competence, relative to its competitors. But despite widespread use of Linux as a web server and in the web hosting industry, many are still somewhat in the dark as to what exactly makes up Linux web hosting. So let’s take an in-depth look at what Linux hosting really is.


Nice Mozilla phone concept


Here is a nice new phone concept from mozilla, name mozilla seabird.. Hope it can be done soon :D

Nice concept thou., late updates but still hot in Linux World!


hey guys, just a quick update since I’m currently quite a bit busy with my university life. But still I can promise to keep updating on this busy site.. So here are some news that perhaps are still hot to be read :) . Enjoy the updates.


The HOST dispatcher shell by Arimbun


A slightly harder—if not more interesting—program that simulates resource allocation on a computer system. HOST stands for Hypothetical Operating System Testbed, a multiprogramming system that manages resources in a four-level priority dispatcher. Taken straight off the Operating Systems Internal and Design Principles textbook by William Stallings, this is my second assignment in the COMP3520 Operating Systems Internals course taught at Sydney University.


Distro Review: Element


Today, I’d like to take a look on a newcomer of Linux Distroes family, this distro called “Element”. Element is a free and yet powerful multimedia operating system. As you can see, the developer of this distro have managed to combine both Ubuntu as a powerful Linux distro with the other multimedia software elements. As I can see, the developers have managed to show the users that “Linux” is not as boring as they’ve seen before. Things inside Element OS looked really cozy and it makes users to feel more comfortable with it. I personally enjoyed watching videos with XBMC media center on my full HDMI LCD TV.


Catching Up Some Linux News


I’m back for posting again after a few month of vacuum in this blog. I’m truly sorry for that because I have to focused on my college subjects. Since I already have passed the whole subjects, now it is the right time for me to start to make more postings for :)

I already missed a lot of things in Linux world, now let’s try to catching up on some Linux news:

  1. Gnome 3.0 shell has been released(maybe a long time agoo), but that’s not a big deal since I just came back from the death :)
  2. Ubuntu 10.04 is set to be released on 29 april 2010, it’s quite a good news since I had a bit of compatibility problem with the current Ubuntu version(9.10).
    screenshot(beta 2):
  3. The next version of Ubuntu(10.10) codename has been released, Maverick Meerkat. Well, it’s way much better than Marlyn Monre :P
  4. Avant Windows Navigator 0.4 final has been released(installation tutorial will be added soon!)
  5. gThumb 2.11.x Removed From Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx; Latest Version Adds Facebook Export

Well, that’s only some news that I can provide to you, I’m promise you that I will give tutorials, reviews, & more news about Linux.


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