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You don’t have any license to buy vista? Or you can’t use vista because your computer is an old computer? Now, be happy, because there is a linux that have a graphical interface like vista. it’s pretty cool. It named vixta linux. Vixta linux is fedora-based distros. I think fedora have a good popularity. and this is the goal of vixta :

  1. Absolutely free, in every sense

  2. spread linux to the “masses”.

  3. ABN – AbsolutelyNo Config.

  4. User-Friendly.

  5. Eye-catching.

  6. Familiar look and Feel.

Vixta linux using KDE as a default interface. So, it feel just like at a “real” vista. But I think vixta is cooler than vista. it has more application, cool widgets, and even I can run it with beryl. Wobbly windows, 3D effects, and more! So it means vixta have more features than vista.
And here are a screen shots of linux vixta:

Cool isn’t it? I think linux have a clone of vista now.. :P
Vixta comes with an installable live CD. So, users can try to run the live CD before really install into their PC. But, the features is limited and has many bugs. Perhaps the development team can come-out a stable version soon. You can found it at vixta.org



Take a look of this desktop: I run this elbuntu at low-end PC, intel pentium II, RAM 64 mb, hdd 6 gb. And this elbuntu works really perfect!
OK. Now this is a tutorial to install this enlightenment at ubuntu.

1. Go to the terminal and type:
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
2. Paste this command:
## Enlightenment e17 beta, use at your own risk
## E17 is in Beta and may break or break your system
deb http://edevelop.org/pkg-e/ubuntu feisty e17
deb http://e17.dunnewind.net/ubuntu feisty e17
deb-src http://edevelop.org/pkg-e/ubuntu feisty e17

3. Save and quit the gedit. than type: sudo apt-get update
4. Than, for installation, type: sudo apt-get install enlightenment
5. Type again: sudo apt-get install e17
6. Log out and pick your session to enlightenment.
7. And enjoy your session at enlightenment

N.B: Enlightenment still under development and still beta, so you have to backup your data before installing enlightenment.

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