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Introducing gOS Cloud


gOS Cloud has been announced to public and their purpose is replace netbook OS with a new browser that simple and with more faster booting that users ever experienced. gOS Cloud offer a fast booting system environment for netbook in an netbook expo in Paris.


Conky, a cool and simple system monitor for Linux


Conky is free software and runs in X on Linux and BSD. Originally a fork of Torsmo, Conky 1 was under a BSD license. Conky 2 (under development) is GPL, as is most of Conky 1.


A New Way to Change Your Themes In Ubuntu with Epidermis


Hello, today I’m going to give you some tutorial and review for one software that I think is pretty interesting. I found a fast and simple way to change and customize your Ubuntu themes and skin software named Epidermis. Epidermis is a application that useful to search, add, and apply a new skins, wallpapers, icons, splash screens, grub skins, GDM, and more!


Amarok 2.0 Released and Installation Manual

amarok logo

“This is a Begining” – That’s what the Amarok Development team said when they releasing the Amarok 2.0. They are working for Amarok 2.0 for about 2 years! And finally they can reveal they own work to people. Amarok has bring a lot of changes since 1.0 version and it’s even getting more ease to use for users. Amarok 2.0 is one of the best Music Player that I’m waiting for.


Trying XBMC Media Center Inside Ubuntu


I just realized that I missed a lot of new things while I’m gone for a few days. I just found a cool media center program that you can try inside your ubuntu! I will give a review and installation method for this program. Please do read and please fill the comment form if you have any opinion with this program, I would love to see it :=) .


Change default apache port number for HTTP Server

My friend just requested a post for me to change the apache port number for HTTP Server, and now I will give you all a tutorial about this stuff.

We all know that as default the Apache HTTP Server will ping to port number 80 . What we have to do when a situation of changing this post number comes? Lets see some simple steps for this…


Install OpenOffice 3.0 inside your Ubuntu 8.10!


Somehow, The Ubuntu Team has decided not to add the latest office products from Sun Microsystem. It’s because 3.0 release schedule has slipped quite a bit. Just like The Ubuntu Team has said in this site . Well, that’s not a big problem! I’m going to give you an easy method to install OpenOffice 3.0. Please do follow this simple tutorial.


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