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Android Notifier for Ubuntu

Frankly, when I’m using my laptop, I just use it for online purposes and very rarely use my handphone, and if there’s any incoming sms or notifier in my Android phone, I rarely respond to it. After that, you can imagine how angry my girlfriend when I didn’t respond to her sms =.=” . Well, I have a better solution for this problem.
Since a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been using one application that quite helped me when I’m 100% focus on my computer. Which is Android Notifier. This simple application could notify us when there are any sms or call, or even when your battery is worn out.
The good thing about this app is, we can be notified if there’s any sms or other notification.. But still, we can’t reply to that sms, or answer the call :) .. Still, you have to maximize the use of your Android phone ;)
To Install:
simply go to this link for further up2date information.

Gnome 3.0(ThreePointZero) scheduled to be released in April 2011


Yeah, yet another great news(perhaps old one). If you could see the Gnome Release Schedule, there is an eye catching schedule to be released after Gnome 2.91 ;)

I thought most people are currently waiting for the new breakthrough from Gnome, which is Gnome 3.0. I’m personally pretty excited when I saw that Gnome 3.0 is listed and scheduled to be released on April 2011. I hope some of my expectations for Gnome 3.0 in year 2008 can be implemented into this upcoming new generation of Windows Manager.

Here is the screenshot of 3.0 release schedule:

3.0 release schedule(click the picture to enlarge)

And here is the first milestone release screenshot of gnome 3:

More information about Gnome 3.0 can be viewed on this website.

Ubuntu 10.10 is Here!


Ubuntu 10.10 has been released, lets we take a look of the newest version of Ubuntu 10.10.

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon


Ubuntu Official Font Family (HOT)


Finally after months of waiting, the Ubuntu development team has finally released the Ubuntu official open font, or you name it Ubuntu Font Family.



A Very Nice Ubuntu-Win7 Like Mockup


Just a quick update since I found something good to post. I found a really nice Ubuntu mockup, listed on Topaz Brainstorm, which mean that this is only a concept :)

Take a look at the picture, and try to interpret it by yourself :)

Click to enlarge :)

AllForLinux.com, late updates but still hot in Linux World!


hey guys, just a quick update since I’m currently quite a bit busy with my university life. But still I can promise to keep updating on this busy site.. So here are some news that perhaps are still hot to be read :) . Enjoy the updates.


Easy Linux File Synchronisation Over a Network


rsync is a very good utility for synchronising files over a network. It works based on the delta-transfer algorithm—only data in the source that do not exist on the destination are copied over. This method saves plenty of time and bandwidth compared to the standard cp command.

Example: rsync $SRC $DST


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